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As you know, my son David is at a residential facility a few hours from here. He has similar issues as Pearlsky, the same basic disorder. Both kids have vision problems, and this makes sense since their amino acid deficiency has an effect on the development of the myelin sheath, the important covering of nerve fibers. Their

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Ophidiophobia – an abnormal fear of snakes. Well known sufferers include Indiana Jones and Adrian Monk. I do not have such a fear, but it is interesting to note … A new study suggests that such fear has been shaped by evolution, stretching back to a time when early mammals had to survive and breed

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Warning, Single Dad is going crazy again. Just to let you know. Imagine you are driving down the street, maybe a highway or something. Some kid going in the other direction is doing what kids do, text messaging and driving. Next thing you know, you are in an intensive care unit after his car careens

Anonymous busybody

A couple of weeks after we took Pearlsky home from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), we went to a high powered lawyers office about a totally different matter. I stayed in her waiting room with Pearlsky and my (then) wife was in with the lawyer. Pearlsky was on the floor in her car carrier

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There have been questions about Pearlsky’s diagnosis and the phone call the other day, etc. So, here is more information on her, it, and stuff.

A dozen dozen

A couple of weeks ago Elizabeth, wrote this post. In short, her lovely daughter, Sophie, had an MRI and it resulted in a diagnosis, a reason for the seizures, etc. “Wonderful” you say? Yes, of course. Elizabeth warned against asking questions such as “Why has she not had an MRI in ten years?” and “Are

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I am not sure what to fill you in on first …

Cold potato soup injections? Really?