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I hugged a goddess

I’ve mentioned the pharmacist goddess, Roxanne, in past posts. She is one of the very few who read my blog, know me, and live near us. Turns out that this morning, as I was going to the supermarket, I was thinking to myself how there was no way I could write the post I want

I don’t remember dying, but I woke up in hell (** UPDATED! **)

Earlier this weekend, the love of my life did the one thing, the only thing, that I cannot tolerate, knowingly. Ouch. Then life continued to get worse. See, you can go downhill from downhill; there is always a deeper hole.

What you don’t know won’t hurt you … but it can kill your kid.

So, you thought I was done with the wheelchair woes? Yes, we have a darn good wheelchair, after many attempts and fits and starts, the manufacturer came through. So, no, I am not complaining about Pearlsky’s chair. But I have another bug up my butt and many of our kids are in danger. Warning, reading

Wheelchair update, wrap up, and time for a five year break …

Pearlsky’s wheelchair was hand delivered on Friday by the manufacturer, Sunrise Medical, and the DME, National Seating and Mobility. It took a couple of tries, but yes, Pearlsky has a wonderful new chair, just as her dad promised. Is it perfect? Well, no. Is it close? Yes. Is it scratched? NO! Do the casters work?

“A plummeting stock price isn’t trouble. Trouble is when your kids take dope.” ~Ken Olson

[Editor’s note: That, my friends, is my favorite quote in the world. Ken Olson was a co-founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), one of the major forces at the start of the computer revolution. Now, granted, he also said in 1977 “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home”

Updates …

It turns out that Paul Brown is not God, the two minute warning was a fraud. Mom wants her $95,000 back. I paid for two engineering degrees and you can’t even get it right if the Large Hadron Collider, built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) with the intention of testing various predictions

Lazy Sunday … not!

Whatever wheelchair we end up with (and I think it will be number 4, not sure), I needed to make the door to Pearlsky’s room a bit wider. Every time I make the turn from the hallway into her room I end up taking out a small piece of the wall or the doorway …

Quick wheelchair update!

From the Vice President of Customer Service at Sunrise Medical: I know that you received a response from National Seating and Mobility’s COO on 3/11, referencing their communications and collaboration with Sunrise Medical to address the issues you appropriately referenced with Pearlsky’s wheelchair. While we (Sunrise Medical) did not respond directly, I can assure you