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Brilliant idea re-visited

By now you have all read the article mentioned in the last post. Hopefully you looked at the comments left on this blog and have thought about it! What, you read my blog for simple mindless pleasure? Many states have Safe Haven laws (basically you can abandon a child up to 30 days old at

Path of least resistance

I am sitting at dinner and there is this couple there. I know the woman a bit; nice, intelligent woman, but rather high maintenance and insecure. She is there with her boyfriend of a month, the first since her divorce. The guy’s an ass. He is pompous, self-serving, and worse … he relates a story about last

“need help”

Just a normal evening. Pearlsky was in her play area just hanging out and her geek dad was actually working on the new look for his blog (very early preview here). About seven-thirty I started feeling a bit queasy, and by eight o’clock I was in full fledged “hugging the porcelain throne” mode. I was retching pretty hard, and

“You need a whole community to raise a child. I have raised two children, alone.” ~Toni Morrison

I just read this touching post over at UnlockTheSecretVoice, it is entitled “Community.” And, yes, SingleDad has an opinion, glad you asked. Claire, she no more of Life With A Severely Disabled Child, (and we know why she needed to bail on that blog; are all men morons?) wrote, in part, in a comment on

“A lot of people are tired around here, but I’m not sure they’re ready to lie down, stretch out and fall asleep.” ~Jim Jones

I’m tired. And yes, that quote is from that Jim Jones. I need to get away for a day later this week, and it is school vacation week, so Pearlsky is home. It took me three days to arrange for care for her, one nanny from 8 to noon, another noon to 1:30, the next

The dog ate my homework

I have all sorts of reasons and excuses for not posting lately, but as I tell people all the time, never give a reason for something. So I ain’t telling you why. Okay, hints. Several things are going on with Pearlsky that I am having trouble getting my head around and they are easier to

Good thing I have my orange juice

I predict I am going to lose some readers today because of this post. You see, this post is going to be about my day yesterday since I have been asked to shed a bit more light on the life of Single Dad (sans Pearlsky). Other than changing names and obscuring places, I do not

“I’m reviewing the situation …” ~Fagin (from Dickens’ Oliver Twist)

I’m reviewing the situation Can a fellow be a villain all his life? All the trials and tribulations! Better settle down and get myself a wife. And a wife would cook and sew for me, And come for me, and go for me, And go for me, and nag at me, The fingers, she will