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Ain’t doing that again …

I am having trouble believing the responses to the last post … morons do really say the darndest things. Well, it will be a cold day in hell when I ask for you to share stuff with me again …  😉 When Pearlsky was about two years old (undiagnosed, seizures, completely delayed, etc.) we found

Dear Single Dad: (part 2 of 2)

Here is a tough email that gets to the heart of our community is some ways. There is a simple question at the end. “Simple” as in explaining string theory to a three year old. Hi SD, I have been reading your blog for a few months now, and I thought it was about time I

Dear Lindsay:

Sometimes people leave comments or use the contact page and don’t leave their email address. I wish you would, I often would like to personally respond. Lindsay left the following comment on this post (probably referring to item 11, a particularly rude comment I made about social workers and school nurses) : I really enjoy

“Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.” ~Emma Bull

I have pretty much tried to stay out of all the stuff going on with that Bunny puke guy and the iPad controversy. The part that does intrigue me is that people are amazed that someone within “our community” would, in fact, be a puke (and I have no clue if, in fact, he has

“I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle. It wasn’t mine.” ~Rita Rudner

Ever feel like you were being pulled in twenty directions? That’s what it is like around here. Tomorrow I am driving, sans Pearlsky, to see my mom (about 5 hours) and to do assorted household tasks for her. Until dad’s passing 8 months ago, she has never lived on her own. So a day of

“I’d be safe and warm / if I was in L.A.” ~California Dreaming (The Mamas and The Papas)

This lack of communication thing is killing me. And the worst are the times when I want to talk with her, and there is no answer, no response. Am I being ignored? Does she knowingly not respond? Does she not hear that I want her attention? Whatever the reason, the appearance of being ignored or

“Happy Father’s Day” ~!Pearlsky

This Father’s Day is certainly different. It is the first ever, in the history of Single Dad, that he has no one to call. Bummer. She of LoveThatMax has put up this post about fathers with disabled kids and why, in their (our) own words we “rock.” If you have always wanted to know …

All it takes is one testicle, and, on average, we each have one.

Generate one sperm and wham! yes, you can be a father. But can you be a dad? For all intents and purposes I am both mother and father to Pearlsky and I’m good with that. It is unfortunate, and ultimately she loses (both “she”s … Pearlsky and her mom). But I digress. Being Pearlsky’s dad