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I hugged a goddess

I’ve mentioned the pharmacist goddess, Roxanne, in past posts. She is one of the very few who read my blog, know me, and live near us. Turns out that this morning, as I was going to the supermarket, I was thinking to myself how there was no way I could write the post I want

“What if Alexander Graham Bell’s name were Alexander Graham Siren? The phone wouldn’t ring, it would GO OFF!!” ~George Carlin

When Pearlsky was about two months old we picked up and moved to a college town where her mom was teaching for a trimester. That left me as full time dad. Since Pearlsky was already messed up, we had an early intervention team. I wish I knew the woman’s name, but this one lady came

“I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state-appointed shrink is our friend” ~Jack Handy

So much to blog about … the ending to the sagas from the last post, the new-to-the-iep-and-getting-f’ed-over saga of one of my bff’s, the screw-you-I-don’t-want-to-come-thirty-minutes-early-for-the-appointment post, etc. But, I don’t have the energy right now. No, we need to get ready for tomorrow. We Pearlsky has an appointment in the morning. A three and a

When in doubt … email!

So, a bit more on the guardianship panic issue. I sent the following email to four children’s hospitals (L.A., Chicago, NY, and Boston) and two major adult teaching hospitals. It was sent to whatever principals I could find, typically the COO. I am having a very difficult time getting the proper answer to a question

I hate when my rant gets sidelined

I was all set to write about summer camp again. The school is starting to think about what to do with Pearlsky this summer (after an email from me asking what they are going to do with Pearlsky this summer). There were some quasi-infuriating emails already, and I was just about to post about it