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I sometimes link to articles that have to do with our “community” or some awful dumb legal thing, or whatever. Well, here is a link to a cute / fun blog post that is complementary to my last one, iPearlsky, where I talk about what defines me. I mentioned that David had a major seizure

“If you’re trying to kill us, at least let me put on some lip gloss.” ~Fran in the movie “Rollercoaster”

A day in the life. Today. I do a lot for people and have found that few return the favor. That is fine, just a fact. Let’s face it, how many people would really be there for you? Although this was light-weight, it was really nice. As it so happens, when a goddess could use

Eyeglasses may assist in near vision, but not necessary.

We have the perfect storm of several facts. I am a firm believer one must own up to one’s words. If you say something, especially something that has a direct effect on someone else’s life, you should be held accountable for your words. David’s mother and I fully agree that David’s caretakers should do everything

iDisabledSon part two

Here is a very simplistic overview of some vision stuff, a bit of background. Light from the world enters our eyes, goes through the lens, and is projected on the back of the eyeball, the retina. The image is converted to a form that the optic nerve transfers to the brain and the brain actually


As you know, my son David is at a residential facility a few hours from here. He has similar issues as Pearlsky, the same basic disorder. Both kids have vision problems, and this makes sense since their amino acid deficiency has an effect on the development of the myelin sheath, the important covering of nerve fibers. Their

“I have an unfortunate personality.” ~Orson Welles

If you read both my posts and the comments, you will see that my last post went from my proclamation that I don’t “get” naturopathy or homeopathy to gay marriage to the ex-magician now major debunker James Randy. Just because I don’t get those therapies does not suggest that I think they are not real.

“Get thee to a nunn’ry” ~Shakespeare

click on an image … %%wppa%% %%album=1%% Several years ago I helped a friend move her daughter into a college about two hours away. During the drive back I get a call from my ex. She asks what I am doing. I’m driving back from moving Kim into school, why? Can you pull over? Huh? I

“Out, Out Damn Spot!” ~Lady Macbeth said to her dog …

I’ll do a couple of posts about moving your kid out, hopefully meaning into a residential facility, and discuss it in light of keeping a kid at home. Real life may get in the way so the posts may not be linear … like if I decide to tell you about the two hours last