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We just received our third new wheelchair in three months! If you want the simple punchline … we are keeping it. You can stop reading now. If you want more than the simple punchline, well, keep reading. There’s more. There’s lots more …

Back, Jack, and do it again …

It’s official, the new (new, new? or is it the new, new, new?) wheelchair is being delivered tomorrow! How can we forget the first pass at it, seen here, with the scratches and non-wheeling wheels? Even more so, how can we forget this incredible must see video I found on the web that sums it

The Wolf came a knockin’ …

The Chief Operation Officer of National Seating and Mobility (NSM), Sandi, has had enough with the wheelchair debacle and finally took charge! Now, remembering the video rant of this guy (which has been watched 100’s of times!) over my wheelchair woes, she sent Winston Wolf (“The Wolf”) over to the house … And just like

Remember, you cannot spell “assessment” without a-s-s

A new form came home from school today, “Evaluation Consent Form.” Ok, I can deal. What kind of “assessment” do they want to do for Pearlsky? The young lady with NO communication skills, the young lady who does not appear to purposely look anywhere, whose verbalizations are the same for physical irritation as well as apparent enjoyment?

RTS, NRRTS, wheelchairs – revisited

I admit it, I am not altogether happy with DMEDurable_medical_equipment and wheelchair vendors, companies, anyone affiliated with said organizations or the thought of trying to get a new chair. I also admit that, at times, I can be partial to a good argument. That said … I recently posted about the National Registry of Rehabilitation

RTS, RRTS®, NRRTS, conflict of interest? … cripples be damned

I am fed up with this entire wheelchair nightmare. As I get into it more, it gets scarier. I will hold for another post the fact that one of the most important safety issues, the tie down securement points for transportation, are messed up (it appears). The parts on the wheelchair are entirely different from

And my commission is … where?

Why am I so rattled by the wheelchair idiots? The DMEDurable_medical_equipment (the company I deal with who messes up the order of the wheelchair from the manufacturer, scratches and defaces it upon assembly, does not test it to find they have assembled it wrong, and then delivers it to us) still has not owned up

[UPDATED!]" rel="bookmark">Wheelchair is the new coal [UPDATED!]

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[This post has been updated with material at the end] Pearlsky got her new wheelchair! Remember the nightmare ordering it? And guess what? Go ahead … guess. I dare you … IT DOES NOT WORK!!! They delivered a bum wheelchair, we have a disabled wheelchair (just like Pearlsky). And it is scratched (just like Pearlsky’s