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It’s a wrap!

Life has a way of getting in the way. There are a couple of things I want / need to post about but then today Rachel left a comment which had a link to a blog that had a link to a product that I may be interested in. Basically, it appears that these two

Anonymous poll …

Yes, I know, some things cannot be boiled down to a simple sentence. But a single sentence (or simple poll question) can start a dialog. Go ahead, answer honestly, I dare you. [polldaddy poll=”4719890″] “Other” responses: used to need residential options to never I nearly didn’t, a few times. Glad I did now, life is

iPad, uWant

First let me say loud and clear I am boycotting Elizabeth’s blog forever. And ever. She puts up this post, it’s a giveaway of a hot brunette. Or is it the oak tree? No, wait, it’s the orange dress the brunette is wearing while leaning on the tree. Anyway, I would look really hot in


An email I received today, just as I received it. As a regular reader of your blog, I read today’s post about how upset you are at an optometrist for not doing what you think is an adequate job treating your son. Instead of emailing the man and telling him why you want your son

Sometimes we hear the voices too clearly

So I drove three hours to have lunch with Mom, my sister and my aunt. During lunch I am telling them about the incident in the previous post, hearing Dad’s voice while programming the hands-free cell phone car stuff. And then I told it to list all the names and I heard Dad’s voice. Wow.

Yes, I can hear you now

Just need to share. For the last twenty years or so I have always bought the car my parents were going to trade in. I have never been “into” cars, they take great care of theirs, and I give them what the dealer would. It works all around. Tomorrow I am driving to see Mom

Sometimes I get in my own way

First a pre-post post. I owe someone a thank you, and don’t know who. When I got home today, there was a bag at the door, with a couple of notes. Inside was a group of hair tie band things, some bracelet things, an interesting charm bracelet, a pendent, and a very pretty note that

Professorial update

I recently told you about a professor who was expecting a child in February, and he knew there were many issues with the baby. That post is here. He was looking for advice, and I think we delivered. Well, his wife did too. Deliver that is. Aria was born last week, about 5 weeks early.