We are both back. Scary, no?

By now, EVERYONE has seen my interview. Well, not everyone, but we will get to that in a bit. I do need to make some corrections, apologies and acknowledgements. I talk about Elise, how we dated for “five or six years … I should have married her.” Well, as Elise so gently pointed out to

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution? ~Groucho Marx

(Feel free just to skip to the third and final video of my interview at the end of this post.) Within two or three months of Pearlsky’s birth we were clearly told that marriages with kids like her just don’t stay together. Many people told us this, the pediatrician, other doctors, even clergy and friends.

Night Terrors

Fear of the night seems to be ingrained in us humans. The dark, the unknown. But for those of us in this community, I believe it takes on a different dimension. I remember being told when Pearlsky was leaving the neonatal intensive care unit that kids “like her” typically die at night. Sometimes it is

“It’s unfortunate that in an interview sometimes things can seem so black and white.” ~Gisele Bundchen

Don’t ever go into a room alone with a personable, intelligent, challenging, well-educated videographer / interviewer … you never know what will happen. And it may happen in three parts. Here is part one.

“A boy’s best friend is his mother.” ~ Norman Bates

Another Mother’s Day. Ugh. These are tough. I have told you that my mother hates mother’s day … she does not understand why her friends get excited about the one day that their kid calls and says “I love you.” She gets that from me, and my sister, all year ’round. Well, she does understand