ESY – Extra Stupid, Why?

Extended School Year has started. That is the fancy IEP name for summer school, or camp, or whatever you want to call it. For Pearlsky it is at the same high school, usually some of the same staff. Remember that she has been in the district for seventeen years, there is nothing new here. At

Great weekend … then … wham!

A rare occurrence, I got away this weekend! Time with friends and it was wonderful. What could be better? Pearlsky was home and well taken care of. I started seeing a lot of emails coming from this blog, and noticed that many people were signing up for “new post” emails. Many as in a lot.

Hope I didn’t piss off their gods

It has been a week or so. I am getting pulled back into that hole. Trust me, this post does not scratch the surface. Pearlsky’s mom called last night. She wanted to tell me that David will be in town for a doctor’s appointment today. She was giving me about 12 hours notice. No, I

Drool, drool, drool …

Pearlsky drools. It is good and bad. How is it good? Her teeth are in great shape and the dentist swears it is the drool that keeps them “washed.” Who knows? But I do know about bibs, towels, being in public, etc. I had a great idea a while ago and did not run with it.

No Coke, Pepsi!

Another year, another Father’s Day, another “I hate Father’s Day” post. I get it, this is me, being me. I understand I am a decent father. I also understand that all freaking Hallmark does is remind me that my kids can’t wish me a Happy Father’s Day. And others doing it does the same thing.

What not to expect when you’re expecting

If you had a web site that was geared towards pregnant couples (yes, I know, it’s the woman who is pregnant) and couples with newborns, who is the last person in the world you would ask to write a guest post? I am sitting around, minding my own business, and I get this email: I

“Not the wiener thing” ~Ken Lilly

Judge Crater told me, under oath, he had no idea where the elusive blogger is. Jimmy Hoffa said if he told me he would have to have his friends kill me and bury me under Giant’s stadium. The Lindbergh baby didn’t say anything, but then he’s dead, so that could be why. D.B. Cooper gave

Like, as vs is

I am getting taken to task for some comments in a very recent post. I was in a discussion with one of Pearlsky’s therapists about having conversations with Pearlsky in the evenings. I said (both in the meeting and on this blog) … I talk very little. There is no conversation, that takes two. I