Making the easy not-so-easy

First I want to thank everyone for their comments and emails on the last post. Note that I added a comment there that you may find interesting. The only things Pearlsky really needs from school are socialization and physical therapy. Most of the other stuff is just crap, let’s face it. Occupational therapy might be

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

1979. I was in college, working in a local delicatessen part time. One summer day an older lady came in and before we knew it she was on the floor. No one there knew, but I was the Assistant Coordinator for CPR for the Red Cross in this major metropolis. Actually there was no coordinator, but

Prayers needed

Lord knows we all need prayers. Often. Spare a moment and send one for Chris, okay?


I suck as a blogger recently, I get that. Yeah, a lot is going on and I really need to share more. For me, if not for you. I recently gave a two hour talk to a graduate class at a local college, on growth attenuation. I then went back two weeks later to moderate

“I get mail; therefore I am.” ~Scott Adams

Dear SD: I’m impressed by your blog. I’m going through a difficult time after terminating my pregnancy at 24 weeks because of cerebral anomalies (very similar to those of the professor you mentioned in one of your previous posts … I have no idea on how severe it could be, now of course I imagine she would

[motion of] No Confidence issue

Email just sent to the new “High School Special Education Coordinator.” Subject: [motion of] No Confidence issue I really need you to understand that my daughter is not only severely disabled, she has absolutely no communication. I am not able to do what every parent does every day, that is to ask her “how was

“The Extreme Parenting Video Project” ~Elizabeth and Sophie

Elizabeth had this great project, asking us to submit a photo of ourselves holding a poster board with advice we would give to a new parent of a severely disabled child. The result was this video. I worked with Elizabeth on a variant … the images in book form. Note a couple of things … if you

From the eMailbag …

Hi, wondering if you can share dimensions of the rooms your daughter uses. How big is the bedroom? Bathroom? Would she spend most of her time in the living or another room? How big is that? Or, how large a room have you found is needed to accomodate her well? Does she use a stander?