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“I get mail; therefore I am.” ~Scott Adams

Dear SD: I’m impressed by your blog. I’m going through a difficult time after terminating my pregnancy at 24 weeks because of cerebral anomalies (very similar to those of the professor you mentioned in one of your previous posts … I have no idea on how severe it could be, now of course I imagine she would

“Freud: If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother.” ~Robin Williams

I needed a quote on psychology … the title has minimal to do with the post. I was asked / invited to write a post for the online version of Psychology Today, and it went up today! You can read it here. I want to thank Dr. Jennifer Baker for the opportunity! She hosts the blog

My son

He’s the one on the left. And some unnamed pony girl.

“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Email, written while livid, earlier today. Actually, at 2:59 to be exact. Sent to the Assistant Superintendent. And yes, this is the same class that suddenly went from starting at 10 to starting at 9. Pearlsky came home to an empty house today. Pearlsky arrived at home at 2:55. I have been told that ESY goes


Gap / Old Navy / Banana Republic is (are?) having a 30% off and free shipping sale today. What are the odds that any of the hundreds of dollars of new wardrobe I just bought Pearlsky will fit? Or match?

I have no opinion either …

So, no comments on the new look of the blog? Ok, then, how about comments on this? Not sure how I feel about it, but it is powerful.

Mean people suck

I have to say that I don’t understand “mean.” As a kid I was teased a bit (and no, I ain’t sharing why), bullied a bit (not as bad as others), and came all to close to being abused by a neighbor (stopped at the last minute by his mom, actually, and I was too

Disturbed, stalking, juvenile, manipulating soon to be ex-husband …

… causes the end of a blog (a couple of months ago), but not this time! No, other reasons, and they are explained in The Longest Post Ever. Dr. Barbara Boucher has ended her blog. She has been a great voice in the community for a while and a reader and commenter here as well.