I failed my son

I went to my son’s IEP today, he has 16 months left of school. The drive to his residential facility is about two hours, it makes for a long day. A long, horrible day. The law says that every child with a disability is to be educated as much as possible with their non-disabled peers.

When the teacher is the bully …

New client, first meeting I attended as the advocate. I always follow up a meeting with an email with the key points, especially anything we want in writing, after all, “If it is not in writing, it wasn’t said.” Here is a key excerpt from the meeting email this week … Nancy has an Individualized Education

Blessed is the True Judge

When we hear of a death, we try to affirm that the holy One, blessed be He, knows what He is doing. Hence we say “Blessed is the True Judge.” Being the heathen I am, I say it anyway. Even though He may be a She, and either way, S/He may not know what He

Of quotes and wheelchairs

If you can’t do your job, why is someone paying you? Actual phone conversation with a pharmacy technician from CVS, really … We only got in a partial amount of Pearlsky’s Pediasure. Would you like to pick it up or wait for us to get the rest? How much did you get? Ten cases. You

Dumpster Diving Dad

Nothing like an emergency run to the Big City Children’s Hospital emergency room. I am sitting having coffee out with my BFF and the nanny calls. One of Pearlsky’s best. I can’t get Pearlsky to stop crying. I gave her Advil and then she needed some Valium. There is something very wrong. I saw her

Go ahead, tell me a sad story.

My surrogate son … I am a Special Education Advocate. Not sure why that is all capitalized, but it makes me look better. I have been doing this for a while. I enjoy it, and if I may say so myself, I am pretty good at it. Just look at the real testimonials on my

Period – not just for grammarians anymore

The appointment with the gynecologist went well, she did not feel there was a reason for a physical exam. I put my pants back on. Pearlsky had close to a dozen years of pretty much spot on exactly 28-day cycles and four day periods. Then a few months ago that went out the window, hence the

“Let us not burthen our remembrance with a heaviness that’s gone.”
~William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Email sent today to gynecologist … I have known her since before Pearlsky was in utero … Pearlsky saw her once three years ago or so, no physical exam at that point … going in three days. I was thinking about our appointment this Friday and cannot remember exactly the timing of the last appointment.