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“Other” responses:

  1. I don’t give people reasons for my behavior.
  2. Playing the cripple card is a powerful and dangerous tool: a last resort.
  3. I always think about doing it, but I don’t want him to think he’s a bu (send me your entire response via contact page)

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“Other” answers given:

  • I’m conflicted about this.
  • Every Case is Different and Should be Assessed Accordingly
  • One size does not fit all, depends on the child and school services provided
  • It’s crucial to take individual differences into account

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“Other” answers given:

  • Not a parent, but no I may think about it aws an option when times got tough,…
  • don’t know yet, he’s just 7 now
  • Not a parent. Would consider under certain circumstances, I imagine.
  • Not a parent, would consider if program is good and I’m sick/otherwise unable
  • Not a parent, but would consider. I know, easy for me to say.

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“Other” answers given:

  • whatever helps you
  • get the media to pick it up
  • unfortunatly we all know how this turns out, but maybe this time all of our voices will be heard
  • Only if mass destruction and possible jail time are involved on your part

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“Other” answers given:

  1. Usually on the chairs of all my patients.

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“Other” answers given:

alternating pressure pad lets me let her sleep

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“Other” answers given:

  1. I ask a million questions and they think I am a nagging pain
  2. The PT and OT are involved from the beginning
  3. All of the above. It’s complicated.
  4. I’ve seen all of the above
  5. Everything depends on the skill
  6. Wheelchair salespeople are grossly incompetent.
  7. It’s different with the NHS – nobody involved is going to make money directly

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“Other” answers given:

  1. I have a shower kid, but she gets one everyday

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“Other” answers given:

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“Other” answers given:

  1. I just don’t know. I always hate these big media stories…
  2. the language used bugs me
  3. My response is more than a poll allows. Don’t like the word ‘tragic’

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“Other” answers given:

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“Other” answers given:

  1. would be wonderful if I weren’t married to the Grinch
  2. torturous when forced to watch NFL channel.

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“Other” answers given:

  • Single Dad’s blog!
  • both blog and real friends
  • reading your blog

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“Other” answers given:

  • MIL (ed: mother-in-law?!)

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“Other” answers given:

  • Adderall XR in the A.M.
  • Yeah, lol, like there’s a usual!

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“Other” answers given:

  • annihilated it
  • strengthened (2x)
  • challenged it
  • exhausted it; made it into a partnership instead of a couple

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“Other” answers given:

  • Dogma

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“Other” answers given:

  • Does probably but not sure fall under “Don’t know”?
  • Depends on the issues
  • Yes to spare my kids’s suffering, no to whip me into shape

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“Other” answers given:

  • ABI diagnosis with unforeseeable results
  • Don’t have kids

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“Other” answers given:

  • Divine intervention
  • Time to reflect
  • What? Only 3 minutes?

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“Other” answer given:

Single “disabled” mom with kid