“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” ~Helen Keller

I never had much fear of the dark. No love affair, mind you, but no real fear. Well, there was the night after I saw The Exorcist when in high school and stayed up all night because I was not going to close my eyes. And the night a couple of years ago that some unknown animal fell through the skylight in my kitchen and I heard it over the monitor in my daughter’s room … walking around mostly naked, armed, and drowsy is not good. But other than those two nights, no problem.

Until now. No, I do not fear earwigs but after reading this post, I sure don’t want to meet any Canadian earwigs …  go read the post and have a good laugh or a sympathetic cry!

Two nights in a row something is happening just after bedtime. The day and evening go great, my daughter is happy and all seems fine. I get her ready for bed, no problem. Then about twenty minutes later she is still awake, very strange. Then she starts to complain, not a lot, but not happy. Not crying, just, well, complaining in that non-communicative way she has.

For hours.

Motrin does nothing, nor does antacid. I can’t find a source of pain or discomfort. After two or so hours I try valium, we use if for her mittelschmerz or pms sometimes. Nothing.


Then, after close to four hours, a seizure comes on. Bizarrely, THAT we can deal with.

I fear the dark tonight.


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