Half truths and exhaustion

I noticed a small red patch near Pearlsky’s eye yesterday. No one knew why it happened, does not really matter. No big deal. This morning it was more of a bruise, lucky she does not have a black eye I guess. Whatever.¬†Pearlsky did it to herself. It is no big deal.

She went to school.

As I have everyday since she was molested there, I went to school to check on her. She knows it, I know it.

I am proud of the fact that all I write on this blog is true. I only change names. Here is the conversation with the teacher, her words are all true, mine, well, this how I should have answered, not how I did.

What happened to Pearlsky’s eye? She came in that way.

Fuck you.

When did you notice it?

Fuck you.

What did you do when you saw it?

Fuck you. Do you want to see the bruise on my ass?

I did ask if every student in the school is quizzed about every bruise, scratch or mark they come in with. And then I happened to mention …

You ask me this in the very room from which Pearlsky came home with her eye partially swollen shut, her bra on backwards and a cut on her vulva?

I am tired.

Sleep does nothing for this kind of tired.

My mind is tired.

My soul is tired.

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  1. Laura W says:

    Sometimes there really aren’t enough adequate curse words to express what needs to be stated. Battle fatigue was never meant to describe a parent dealing with school staff but nauseatingly it is apt.

  2. Deb says:

    I can’t imagine. It makes me sick to think that there are those who would prey on the most vulnerable. I don’t know why it still surprises me how cruel humans can be, but it does. I’m sorry.

  3. Kat says:

    I don’t believe in violence and man I hope that so and so gets done up the ….. With rusty razors!!!

    Big cyber hugs to you both (((((((((((((()))))))))))))

  4. Ivy says:

    Oh my god SD you have the patience and control of a saint. : /
    I ache for you and your daughter; I don’t know if I believe in karma (I definitely do not have faith in “the system”) but I hope & pray you and your girl find peace and that bastard and that school go straight to Dante’s most horrid circle of hell for eternity!

  5. Karen says:

    I work in the “system” providing services to adults with developmental disabilities. We do support people in amazing ways, but the abuse and neglect that sometimes occurs is unbelievable. I so appreciate and welcome the parents that others deem “difficult” for being good and necessary advocates. Reading your blog and those of other parents has made me more sensitive to how I listen to and respond to family members. I wish you peace, and rest.

  6. Typical authoritarian bureaucrats covering their big fat asses and assuming the worst…on our dime!

  7. Ken Lilly says:

    I need to invent a new word to describe your situation’s level of “sucks”. My current adjectives database simply falls…short.

  8. Dawn says:

    You may not feel it but you are amazing. Perlksy knows it.

  9. Ethel Mertz says:

    Oh SD. Wishing you rest and refreshment. You are amazingly vigilant.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Hey SD and Pearlsky! I hope everything is going well with the two of you! I miss you!

  11. Lizzy says:

    Hi SD! Not going to lie, I’m very worried for you and Pearlsky. Hoping all is well in SD land, perhaps you finally have that RV and are off enjoying yourself in internet-less lands?

  12. Ethel Mertz says:

    Haven’t heard from you for a while. Everything ok?????

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