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Filicide and other fun stuff

There is another one of those articles out there …┬áParents of autistic children speak out on Sunnyvale murder-suicide. The gist of the article is, well, here is the beginning of it … Taking care of autistic children is hard enough, but caring for them when they grow up can test a parent’s resolve like nothing

The dog ate my homework

I have all sorts of reasons and excuses for not posting lately, but as I tell people all the time, never give a reason for something. So I ain’t telling you why. Okay, hints. Several things are going on with Pearlsky that I am having trouble getting my head around and they are easier to

“The closing of a door can bring blessed privacy and comfort – the opening, terror. Conversely, the closing of a door can be a sad and final thing – the opening a wonderfully joyous moment.” ~Andy Rooney

I am very careful about who takes pictures of my kids and what is done with them. No, I will not give you any reason for that (see my post on why I don’t give reasons) and it does not matter. What does matter is that both Pearlsky’s school and David’s school have, in writing,

“It was accountability that Nixon feared.” ~Bob Woodward

From this post a few days ago, we know that the residential facility that pretends to care for my son had an audit of their medicine control room. Turns out it was a fake pre-audit to see how they would do on a real one. Some company came in, did the audit, and the next

Simply morons

Quick review. Both my children, Pearlsky and David, have an amino acid disorder. They don’t make it, so they need to take it. There is no medical history (i.e.: literature) on the disorder before Pearlsky. Lucky us. The FDA considers amino acids a “food additive,” not a medicine. Pearlsky lives with me (duh) and David

Kasha in my head

So many things confuse me. This article starts out with “A grizzly bear attacked seven teenagers in Alaska, injuring four of them …” Are we to assume that the grizzly only verbally attacked the other three? This past weekend, in my hometown, there was another one of those disabled kid and parent murder-suicide attempt things.

Blood is thicker than water

Advocating for my kids is not something I set out to do. Hell, I’d love to have kids where such actions are not necessary, believe me. Yeah, some advocating is always needed, but you know what I mean. Some people are easy to go up against. They are naturally pukes and putting them in their

Seize her

I am really trying to get more information as to what happened at David’s residential facility the other day. I know he had a significant seizure while in the school and I know that an aide or two literally ran with him in his wheelchair back to the residence, from the school. Yesterday I learned