Seize her

I am really trying to get more information as to what happened at David’s residential facility the other day. I know he had a significant seizure while in the school and I know that an aide or two literally ran with him in his wheelchair back to the residence, from the school.

Yesterday I learned another tidbit. The school nurse was called from the classroom and she refused to respond.

Now, I know what you are thinking. “Come on Single Dad, what is it with you and school nurses?” Damn good question, I have no freaking clue as to the answer.

Last evening I sent the following email to the doctor in charge of the residence and cc’d the head of nursing, the chief doctor at the facility, and the Student Services Coordinator. They all read it before 9 am, no one has responded.

I learned today that while David was having a significant seizure in his classroom a few days ago, the school nurse was called and specifically chose not to respond to him nor render aid.

My question is, was her decision to not respond and not render any aid according to then established protocol or was it a violation of then established protocol?

Additionally, what is the nurse’s name?

Thank you for any and all clarification.

Wait until you see my follow-up.

The truth is, I really hate this shit. But I cannot just ignore it.


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