“Happy Father’s Day” ~!Pearlsky

This Father’s Day is certainly different. It is the first ever, in the history of Single Dad, that he has no one to call. Bummer.

She of LoveThatMax has put up this post about fathers with disabled kids and why, in their (our) own words we “rock.” If you have always wanted to know … go check it out! I appreciate her including yours truly, and all the readers who have come here to visit, hope some of you stay and comment.

I’ve told you in the past why I dislike Father’s day, and I still do, but this one won’t be so bad. True, neither Pearlsky nor David will tell me “happy Father’s Day,” nor will I tell my dad the same, but that’s ok. Dad knew I loved him (and still do), on this day and every other one, just like I know Pearlsky loves me. No matter how wonderful it would be, she does not have to say it. (But I wish she could.)

It appears that Ken made some big inroads into fatherhood, at least the essence of it, not the physicality, and I had a small part in that. That makes me feel great, maybe it’s a day for fathers to bond with each other? Reading the post on LoveThatMax is sort of like that, it says we are not alone. My situation is different, and that hurts a bit, I cannot say I “rock” because I get to play with my kid and ignore the disability, shooting for an island of normalcy. Not with my kids, I can’t escape nor help them to.

This Father’s Day will be spent getting ready for next week’s business trip, making sure the meds are all stocked up, the nannies are lined up, there are enough diapers and pediasure, med and feeding lists are up to date, Internet nanny cam is working, and praying the school nurse takes her own meds … and behaves.

And to my fellow dads of these kids, if you’re not doing it alone, make sure that you show your appreciation to your partner, even though it’s our day, trust me – I know it both ways – she  deserves credit and thanks for making you a dad and helping to make it all happen. Without her, you’d be me.

Scary, no?


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