“There’s no bitch on earth like a mother frightened for her kids.” ~Stephen King

I always seem to write a Mother’s Day post. My mom hates the day, she has children that treat her right and tell her they love her all the time, we don’t celebrate her or our relationship just one day. That said, I did send flowers and “signed” everyone’s name.

A couple of times this week I got tweaked (don’t have a good word for it actually) at some things I read. A woman whom I have the utmost respect for, seriously, she has a severely disabled child, she seems to be an amazing mom and woman (it is not her fault she is a school nurse, or is it social worker?), anyway … she was looking for information and starts her post with “Hey seizure mama’s …”

Then there is the Huffington Post with 6 Secrets Special Needs Moms Know But Won’t Tell You

I do realize the reality of the situation. I know that more moms are the primary caretaker for a severely disabled child, but heck, some of us dads own that role. I also understand that many marriages are destroyed by the chasm that arises between mom and dad in both the role of childcare, the perception of the disabilities, and everything else surrounding the situation. I get that this is a gender thing (as opposed to a “sex” thing which, let’s face it, got us into this mess to begin with).

Pearlsky’s mom shows up about twice a month for maybe fifteen minutes to visit. She lives in the same town. Just who is Pearlsky’s “mom” anyway? Does one need to have both roles filled? I think so, growing up without both role models must make things more difficult later in life, no? (And don’t go all LGBT on me, I am talking more general, etc. I have no issue with same sex marriages, it is no sex marriages that I have problems with.) One parent has one opinion, one way of doing things, no one to hear them scream

Keeping the focus narrowed, if you believe in it, I wish all the mamas of the severely disabled, all the single dads (hence part mama) of the severely disabled, all my readers, a happy mother’s day.

As for me … at least one dear friend thinks I am a mother … these arrived earlier today with the note “For a dad who is a wonderful mom” …


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