“Your knowledge of what is going on can only be superficial and relative.” ~William S. Burroughs

Life is completely relative. Yeah, I have it tough, two severely disabled kids, zippo communication, epilepsy, evil school nurses, no spouse, blah, blah. You know. Others have it so much easier. Let’s see … Claire, an older mature normal kid, her disabled kid has some communication, she has a spouse to help, and is into coffee erotica and generic food porn. Elizabeth, two great boys, her disabled kid can walk and has some communication, husband with a mistress (her code word for his job), and bakes wonderful treats. Ken, his kid is actually reacting positively to him with words and actions, another normal son, a wife who, well, somehow loves him  😉 ! And of course Erika, with her loving husband, and since she has promised to supply me with all the names and emails of her friends back home to meet on my business trip to Eastern Europe, I’ll just say I read her blog for the pictures. And all the rest of you in blog land, and there are many. You all have it better than me.


I do not believe that. What I do believe is that it is all relative. We deal with the stuff we have, we each have our own hell … and our own heaven. My level, my limits, are different than yours. My dreams and my nightmares are different.

Now go see what Rachael is thinking.


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