““No comment” is a splendid expression. I am using it again and again.” ~Winston Churchill

Just to respond to some comments recently …

From Jo (fellow blogger, her son is a stroke survivor):

Call me a bit slow, but why was she excluded from an activity that was specifically designed to accommodate her? If she was unable to participate, then how on Earth was it truly designed with her needs in mind?

Sorry, I need to go bang my head against a wall now.

Jo, slow? No, Jo, you ain’t slow. Here is my latest email:

Pearlsky’s mom and I are anxious for an update on Pearlsky’s OT and PT. Please note that it is getting difficult for me to get her in her chair in the morning, she is very tight. I do not know the exercises, I have never needed to learn, and now there is no PT to teach me. Has Easter Seals responded at all?

Also, we do not have an answer … Specifically, why is Pearlsky not allowed to go to the pond? We are told that this weekly trip was designed with her in mind.

I don’t even have a guess. Oh, and I painted our walls red around here … that way the head banging blood stains don’t stand out as much.

Then there is my gumba … I read his blog and, well, I just want to reach into the computer screen, grab him by his lapel, pull him through and have a beer with him. Or lots of beer. Ken (he of Blogzilly) writes:

How in the world do you not just implode on a daily basis? You must either be:

A. On some GREAT medications.
B. Scoring with hot babes every night of the week.
C. The most balanced human male on Earth.
D. All of the above.

Well, let’s take these one at a time:

A. On some GREAT medications. Thankfully, Pearlsky is willing to share hers!

B. Scoring with hot babes every night of the week. No, no, no, sorry Ken, just like The Holy One, blessed be He, Single Dad does rest one night a week.

C. The most balanced human male on Earth. A very good argument could be made that I am absolutely the least balanced human male on Earth.

The topic of psych meds fascinates me, actually. I am not a partaker at this point, but please see the new poll of the day on the right.

And then there’s Jules. Taking on Single Dad on his own blog! Someone has to keep me honest, and it was Jules’ day yesterday. All comments are always welcome … especially from friends.

Oh, and Barbara, (PT, PhD, OT, and honorary member of our club) your concern for my on going disc issue and limp is honestly greatly appreciated. And, yes, maybe a girdle would help, but you see, I once tried on a red and black lace girdle … oh, wait, that was a corset … same thing? Anyway, I was wearing this … maybe I’ll share this in a private email … Your, um, support is very important, thanks.


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