“We know what a person thinks not when he tells us what he thinks, but by his actions.” ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

Random follow-up stuff:

  • When I asked Pearlsky to “look daddy in the eyes” last night, she turned to me, rather purposely, and when her face was facing me, she closed her eyes and laughed.
  • Have I told you Pearlsky can’t communicate?
  • Do the severely disabled, who have no communication, have a personality? What is “personality”? (a whole other post …)
  • I modified the style and color of the fonts and added a bit of white space to the blog today. Typology wise, it is the same as the last look and feel.
  • Sorry, Abby, but I am perfect. (ref. comment on last post)
  • Yes, Kandee, I am brilliant. (ref. other comment on last post)
  • If you have not put your image in the gallery, you really should consider it. Check it out.
  • How do you define “smart-ass” when used in the following sentence?

    Yes, it is amazing but she really does have a smart-ass personality when, in fact, her personality comes through.


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