“Why is there so much controversy about drug testing? I know plenty of guys who would be willing to test any drug they could come up with.” ~George Carlin

It’s been about five years, but yes, the nurses gave Pearlsky her amino acid in school today. Twice!

But before that, I was summoned to the Superintendent’s office …

I got a call around 10 this morning from the Assistant Superintendent …

I’d like you to come to my office and meet with me and Kay (head nurse) and put this thing to bed.

I thought they would be giving the amino acid today.

They are, I just really want it nailed down.

Ok, what time?

She is coming her at 11:00.

You really want to make sure I am not alone with her.

Ok, come at 11:15.

I get there at 11:15. I am greeted with a handshake and a smile from the Ass’t Superintendent, Kay stays seated and does not look at me.

Good to see you, Kay.

Yeah, I’m a prick.

Nothing much happened. The Assistant Superintendent agreed that I would send the amino acid in daily, in a marked container, etc. and kept asking the head nurse if she agreed. She mumbled “yes” once or twice. I left.

Good to see you, Kay.

Yep, I repeated it. What a prick.

The nurses gave the amino acid today. And will tomorrow. Just like the district’s doctor said to do weeks ago, the state Department of Public Health said, Pearlsky’s doctor’s have ordered for years, and the administration has said for years. Today they started.

That’s okay, because what Kay does not know is that the state has started their investigation into her license and years of neglect.


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