“A boy’s best friend is his mother.” ~ Norman Bates

Another Mother’s Day. Ugh. These are tough. I have told you that my mother hates mother’s day … she does not understand why her friends get excited about the one day that their kid calls and says “I love you.” She gets that from me, and my sister, all year ’round. Well, she does understand it. I sent her flowers anyway.

I am starting to dislike the holiday, and I never liked it much to begin with. Pearlsky has not seen her mom in about two months. “Why?” you ask? Beats me. She lives a few miles away, in the same town. She has absolutely no problem with me, that is not why she does not come by. She just doesn’t. Ouch. I don’t know if it bothers Pearlsky, I don’t know if she even knows, but it bothers me. It is just wrong.

My mom is aging. She is still smart and active, but since Dad passed she has lost self confidence and little things throw her off. This internet heartbleed security thing had her needing to change about five passwords and she could not understand why (who could?) and it really was a hassle. I am talking to her daily, I adore her, but … oh well.

Pearlsky came home with something they made in “class” for their moms. Wonderful. No clue what it was (something with soap and sugar?). I told the aide she could keep it and think of us. If it wasn’t drool, Pearlsky didn’t make it.

So here are my Mother’s Day resolutions:

  1. Blog more, back to the old days
  2. Redo the blog, modernize the look
  3. Tell you about the amino acid, and why you may care
  4. Take control back of my life
  5. Get Pearlsky into the right adult day program, whatever that will be
  6. Return to reading all your blogs.

So, here goes. And I really intend to follow through.

I came across this picture today, if this is not a fantastic Mother’s Day picture, I don’t know what is. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and male-mother’s out there. Don’t wake me up until Monday.


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