“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” ~George S. Patton

This is going to be a roller coaster of a week. Lots of stuff to look forward to …

Tomorrow is the first day that the nurses supposedly will give Pearlsky her amino acid! They have not told me so, the Assistant Superintendent, who had a conversation with the Attorney General in charge of Civil Rights for the state, told me. I am sending it in, pre-mixed, in a jar that does have an official label on it, from a manufacturer who does not make it anymore. Most of me hopes they just start giving it to her. Part of me hopes they don’t, because she will be sooooo nailed.

The Nursing Complaint that I submitted to the Department of Public Health has been acknowledged and is in review. The timing is great, I think the head nurse will get wind of it just about in time to totally ruin her Thanksgiving holiday. Not my plan, nor my timing, but schadenfreude once again raises its ugly head. I should hear from the assigned investigator this week.

Pearlsky has a doctor’s appointment and will get a flu shot on Thursday. Sucky 18th birthday present for her, no?

I turn some really big number on Friday. Hopefully no one will notice due to her birthday overshadowing mine.

You may notice that I call the Coordinator of School Health Services “head nurse.” That is actually an old fashioned term, typically not used anymore, and replaced by the more contemporary “nurse manager.” I use it with a hint of disdain. One principle reason the term is out of fashion is a very well known adolescent joke …

What do you call a nurse with dirty knees?

A head nurse.

For those not familiar … at least in American Slang … “head” = fellatio … or so I am told. Hence, the title of a recent post …


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