“And hang on to that DNR … That signature could be worth a lot of money real soon.” ~Dr. Gregory House

The title of this post is from a television medical drama, House, and a conversation that Dr. House had with Dr. Foreman, who had a famous patient’s Do Not Resuscitate order.

See the guy in the picture at the top of my blog? Sisyphus. Yeah, I feel like him sometimes. Working my way up hill, to only slide back down before reaching the top.

My dad is sliding down the hill. Just zoomed past us. And he won’t be working his way back up.

I never lost a parent. Still haven’t. Some say I lost a daughter 18 years ago, and a son 15 years ago. I don’t know about that one yet.

If the words mi sheberach mean anything to you, think of Pinchas ben Devorah. If that is gibberish, hey, just think of Pearlsky’s grandfather and wish him an easy trip, will ya?

(By the way, the nurses are giving the amino acid in school, but the kaka will be hitting the fan soon. More later.)


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