Answer: Carlo Ponti

We all have our fantasies, right? Some of us have fantasies involving Italian women, right? Hmmmm …

Anyway, we all have our fantasies. If you are a reader of this blog, which at least some of you are, then you must share some of the same fantasies I have. I just know it. I, for one, am scared to think of Ken’s, but that is another story.

I have this dream that a wonderful woman contacts me. She tells me of this wonderful place, a place to rest, a place to get back in touch with one’s self, wonderful food, simple company, beautiful surroundings. A place to finally find a bit of peace, albeit for a short amount of time.

Then yet another woman comes to me and says “Single Dad, I have just the place for you … go, unwind, for once think of yourself.”

Usually that is where I wake up.

Not this time …

Elizabeth was a recipient of Caregifted respite grant (see some of her posts here). She encouraged me to apply … which I did. And a few days ago I heard fromĀ Heather McHugh, Founder and Executive Director of Caregifted.


Well, no, but somewhere. Somewhere quiet. Somewhere via the wonderful people at Caregifted.

I will share as I learn more …

As for the previous post, about Pearlsky and the new adult program, I just heard from the lawyers. “This makes no sense. Something strange is happening there. I will talk with them more and if it is not resolved this way, we will try something else.”

Johnny Carson was once asked …

If you had to be in a hospital bed for a month, who would you want in the bed next to you?

Carlo Ponti

Why Carlo Ponti?

So I could see his wife, Sophia Loren, walk in every day.

Wasn’t Sophia one of the Three Faiths?


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