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“You’re not here”

Of course right after my daugher was born I called and told mom that all was well. I could not tell her her first grandchild was in the NICU. As my wife’s labor was ending, about 500 miles away dad was in emergency surgery. Five cardiac bypasses. Dad and daughter, both in ICUs. I was

Genetics … shmenetics

I am sitting in the NICU holding my daughter, about 5 days into the nightmare. A portly older gentleman walks up to us, introduces himself as the chief of genetics, and sits down. He explains that they have been running many tests and basically as of now have no clue what is wrong with her.

NICU Nurses …

There is a special place in heaven for the nurses that work in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). My daughter’s primary nurse, and I wish I could remember her name all these years later, was wonderful. Most of the time whe was walking around the unit holding her! Then, about three days into the

Not what I pictured …

When in high school, if someone asked me what I thought my life would be like, this would not be what I imagined. My daughter is 16. Her mother lives about five miles away and visits for maybe 15 minutes, twice a month. My son, also severely disabled, is in a residential program in the


The birth of a blog. Reminds me of the birth of my daughter in the early 90’s. Bizzare how that works, no? About an hour after she was born she was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit. A bit later I called my Rov. The Lord only puts on your plate what you can