Genetics … shmenetics

I am sitting in the NICU holding my daughter, about 5 days into the nightmare. A portly older gentleman walks up to us, introduces himself as the chief of genetics, and sits down. He explains that they have been running many tests and basically as of now have no clue what is wrong with her.

We do look at morphology, how she looks. Notice she has a wide nose, that can be an indication of various syndromes.

Ignore her nose.

We can’t, that may be an important clue.

I tell him that her wide nose is a red herring. He looks at me a bit frustrated and at that moment I notice over his shoulder  my (then) wife walking up to us. I smile and say “turn around and meet her mother.”

After seeing her mom close up, he turns to me and says …

I guess we should ignore the wide nose.



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