Caveat emptor – Let the buyer beware

A quick rant … you know how I hate DME companies. We needed some medical equipment and got it via Sleep Healthcenters (with whom I have now had multiple bad experiences) because they were recommended by the doctors.

A bill came today. It turns out they charged my insurance company $522 of which insurance paid $351.49 and are billing me $170.51. The manufacturer’s list price for the equipment is $272.00, a mark up of 92%. There was no shipping, I went to pick it up, no appointment, nothing. Just the equipment I asked for in a phone call.

I just checked Amazon and could have bought it all new, from reputable companies via Amazon, including shipping, $87.39. Or, from a company the parts manufacturer recommends, for $121.98. Instead, I am sending the pukes a check for $170.51 to add to the money my health insurer gave them.

Sleep Healthcenters $522 $87
OEM Internet $122



Buyer beware. Especially of Sleep Healthcenters.


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