“Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.” ~Emma Bull

I have pretty much tried to stay out of all the stuff going on with that Bunny puke guy and the iPad controversy. The part that does intrigue me is that people are amazed that someone within “our community” would, in fact, be a puke (and I have no clue if, in fact, he has a disabled kid, nor do I care).

Earlier this week there was a horrific crime in New York that has been reported around the world. A young boy was kidnapped, murdered, dismembered and his body further desecrated by a member of the boy’s community, a close knit, religious community (yes, I know the nuances of the story and the actual members of the actual community, but that is moot here). One of their own, completely and utterly consumed by evil, perpetrating the worst upon another.

Just a coincidence that I was thinking of the iPad thing when I heard about the NY thing on the radio. Not equatable other than being consumed by one’s own.

I have spent the last two days helping a friend disappear. It has to do with abuse, family, and stuff like that. Nowadays it is not so difficult, my tools were the Internet, fax machine, phone, credit card, and some subterfuge. The kids think they just happen to be on vacation without dad.

Pearlsky and I went for a long walk this morning. We explored parts of the neighborhood I have never seen, and I’ve lived here for over thirty years! First we came across an old cemetery. It was really cool with gravestones from the early 1800’s. As we continued on, there was one of those historical marker sign things you occasionally see on the highway or a trail or something.

This is the location of the Webster Estate, an important part of the Underground Railroad starting in 1848 …

So I got to thinking … will there always be people running away from awful situations? The horrors that necessitated the Underground Railroad, forms of psychological, if not physical abuse, and more. And I think I have problems and sometimes just want to run away …

Just a coincidence that I was thinking of the her when we came upon the marker?

I asked Pearlsky if she ever wanted to run away from daddy. Sometimes that lack of communication thing has its advantages, no?

Mom greeted me at the door the other day with a big hug … the kind only your mom can give you. But hers came with something special. A list.

In the first few hours … re-programmed the garage door remotes, got the laptop on wifi with a wireless printer server as well, rewired the telephone, fixed the front light timer, checked and labeled the boxes on the top shelf in the garage, took Mom to dinner, asked the gorgeous waitress to go to Prague with me, got rejected in front of my mother (something about a husband, the state trooper), went through Dad’s closet in his office, and compounded the bumper of Mom’s car.

Then we went to page two.

The summer program is going well for Pearlsky, other than the difficulty with them finding an occupational therapist. There is a physical therapist, though, and I think that is more important for Pearlsky.

She does have two large red inflamed areas on her face still from the allergic reaction last week. They are slowly going away, very slowly. And don’t even think of asking if they itch or if they bother her. Back to that lack of communication thing … has its disadvantages, no?

And keep those applications, resumes and pictures coming for the Prague trip and more! The risqué pictures are very much appreciated, but Ken, I told you you are not eligible …


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