Cold potato soup injections? Really?

We went to see the physiatrist yesterday. If you don’t know what that is, or don’t have one, in my humble opinion, you need to learn! A physiatrist is a doctor of rehabilitation medicine. S/he oversees physical therapists and occupational therapists, and more. The one we see is world class, people literally come from around the world to see him, an amazing man.

Luckily, Pearlsky is doing pretty well in this regard. We had her AFO’s modified a bit and he wants a full set of hip and spine x-rays. She has some minor scoliosis and he wants to keep an eye on it.

If you remember, at our last IEP, the wonderful people at school said Pearlsky did not need any PT or OT direct service, just a 15 minute a week consult with the teacher and aide. Don’t worry, I rejected that part of the IEP. I did ask the doctor, without saying anything about school, how much direct service PT and OT he thought she needed. Twice a week, forty-five minutes for PT and the same for OT. And at least sixty minutes a day in her stander. I had him write prescriptions and have already sent them to the school.

He was thrilled with her ankles, she had botox last year and the effects have lasted. He suggested that she have a round of botox for her hamstrings. Actually his wording was …

What do you think of doing botox for her hamstrings?

It instantly reminded me of my doctor when, during my last yearly physical, he said “I can offer you a rectal exam.” To which, I said, “but can you offer me a glass of wine?”

I just looked at her doctor and said …

Why don’t you tell me. Are we doing the botox?


I am guessing that Barbara may be the only one this time that “gets” the title of this post …

And if the words have meaning to you, l’shana tova (if they don’t, don’t worry).


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