Did you / do you have a wheelchair nightmare?

Two public service announcements.

1. I was recently contacted by Karen Shell,┬áDirector of Branch Services for National Seating & Mobility. They are the DME (sales / distribution arm for “durable medical equipment”) I use for Pearlsky’s wheelchair. She has read this blog and contacted me about the total nightmare that her company can be at times. We had a very good conversation. She absolutely wants to hear from anyone with either good or, more importantly, bad experiences with NSM, National Seating & Mobility.

So, give her hell. Just be nice, be factual, but let it go.

Send an email to kshell@nsm-seating.com

2. A lawyer called me today (getting used to that … but I digress). He has a client with a heck of a tale, but the punch line is that he is putting together a lawsuit against Sunrise Medical, the manufacturer of Quickie and Zippie wheelchairs. The basis of it concerns repairs and warranties. If you have had an experience you think he should know about, and he would love to, send me a BRIEF summary and your contact information via the contact page and I will pass it on.


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