“Either be hot or cold. If you are lukewarm, the Lord will spew you forth from His mouth.” ~Jerry Lee Lewis

It’s been a while since I needed to write the teacher an email …

I admit, I am sensitive to people’s comments on my parenting, especially when a mandated reporter decides I am not doing something proper. There’s history there. The email says it all …

As you know, I stopped in to see Pearlsky today. I did find her in the other room, and there was a woman sitting on the floor in front of her, I do not know who she was (more my age than yours, blond hair), but she knew who I was. She was wearing a parka, the only one in the room doing such.

The disturbing part was she decided to tell me that I should be dressing Pearlsky more appropriately, in warmer clothes. She backed this up by saying that Pearlsky’s feet were cold.

I asked her if Pearlsky ever seemed uncomfortable. She said “no.” I asked her if Pearlskyever reacted negatively to going indoors or out or to any particular part of the room, she said “no.”

I asked her why she thought Pearlsky was cold. She said “because I am.” This from a woman sitting in the classroom, on the floor, in a parka. Then she really got inappropriate and said “and her feet are cold.”

First, as you and I discussed, Pearlsky actually likes to be colder than I do, and most others do. It was one thing when you and I discussed it in email (and that was very appropriate) but for this woman to be talking to me like this, telling me that I am dressing my daughter inappropriately, in front of other people (both students and aides), was extraordinarily inappropriate.

Second, I resent this woman projecting her comfort on to Pearlsky, it is obvious she has no clue. Who is she and why is she allowed near my daughter?

Third, and more importantly, why is she removing Pearlsky’s shoes and socks? Why is ANYONE removing Pearlsky’s shoes and socks? I must insist that Pearlsky NOT be undressed in anyway, shape, or form other than for changing her diaper and removing her coat.

It is well documented in Pearlsky’s medical records that in fact she has neurological issues which actually cause her feet to at times feel quite cold, sometimes quiet warm, and even at times to have their surface temperature up to 10 degrees different!



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