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It blows my mind that I couldn’t even make this stuff up. Out of the blue, a woman named Regina calls today. She introdroduces herself as someone in patient relations at our big city children’s hospital.

I understand from Wendy the nutritionist that you have an issue with there not being a method to weigh your daughter in the CCS clinic. They are moving to a larger space and will probably have a lift in the weighing room.

Well, actually that does not solve the bigger problem. Do you realize that not a single cliniic in the hospital has a lift? That your hospital cannot weigh my daughter and actually your doctors cannot perform proper exams because we cannot get her out of her chair.

Stone silence.
I then ask if anyonne has complained about this and she assured me I was the first. I went on to explain how I do not pick up my daughter anymore and the doctors do not, so she is never properly examined. She had nothing to say, it was amazing. (yes, I often end up picking her up and then spend four days on diclofenac).

Don’t you think it is a farce that a hospital like yours does not have a single lift? 

She then went back to the weighing issue. She said that one clinic does have a device to weigh the child and the chair. I asked her if she knew how much the chair weighed because I sure didn’t. More silence.

At the end, she sheepishly said she would get back to me. I politely asked if she was glad she called. She did not answer.

Makes you want to pick up the phone and call me, no?


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