“Ever notice how irons have a setting for permanent press? I don’t get it.” ~Steven Wright

Ever notice that when Ken slows down on blogging, so does Single Dad? Has it ever occurred to you that you never see us in the same room, ever? Think that is just a coincidence? Yeah, and men really walked on the moon, huh? I don’t think so …

I have been extraordinarily busy. Intel A major semiconductor house, with whom I have this major marketing project, pulled up the start date by a week. It was supposed to be next week when I am in San Francisco at a major forum-trade show of theirs. I think I got it together well enough, but burning the proverbial candle at both ends is not fun.

First day of school, we are all set! Found the alarm clock, got Pearlsky in a new outfit, got all the school medical forms submitted, everything is covered. All will go smooth!

Well, no.

I get a call that there is no aide to ride the bus and the person calling was not sure if the other student and her nurse would be on the bus. Remember, Pearlsky needs either a nurse or a trained aide with her. The bus pulls up. No aide.

Remember last school year when the nurse on the bus told me that she has been told to never attend to Pearlsky? The head nurse denied this, of course. The same nurse was on the bus. I bring Pearlsky out to the bus and guess what? She tells me that she will not be responsible for Pearlsky at all! This is a nurse! (Yes, illegal if there is a medical emergency). We are talking about a ride of about half a mile. So I climbed in and rode with Pearlsky.

We will see what the all powerful, wonderful, goddess like Coordinator of Special Ed for the high school does. Because boy was she pissed.

Speaking of school nurse pukes …

My email yesterday to the Department of Public Protection in the Department of Public Health …

I am wondering about the status of the inquiry into my Nursing Complaint. The inquiry has been ongoing for 314 days (over ten months), as well as 62 days since you stated that this case is a “priority” for you.

The head nurse continues to care for my daughter and continues to violate Pearlsky’s civil rights. I will be pursuing civil rights violation issues to the fullest legal extent. I am very uncomfortable with my daughter being in the care of this woman daily.

Is there any further information on the inquiry? How long will my daughter be subjected to the care of this woman?

Thank you for your time and attention.

And I get back …

Your complaint has been completed as to my part and is now returned to the Triage Committee for review and decision. This is usually accomplished in a matter of weeks (one member is on vacation this week but should be returning on Monday, Sept. 12th) and you will receive a letter indicating the decisions made on this complaint. Thank you for your cooperation in investigating this concern.

And thank you for your incompetence and delays in investigating said concern.


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