Fifth time the charm?

If you have read through this blog you know we have a history with wheelchairs and the companies that deal with them. In the past I have not identified the companies by name, I try not to do that, nor do I identify teachers, nurses, etc. This post will be an exception.

I made the first call and sent the first email three months ago. Pearlsky’s chair needs new covers for her laterals and head thingy, not a big deal but they are ripped and old. Much more important, the first time I contacted them, I told the DME (Durable Medical Equipment, the type of company that sells wheelchairs, etc.) that Pearlsky’s right wheel, the primary big one, FELL OFF. This was about three months ago. Today it fell off for the fifth time. They have been notified every time. Note that it comes off the axle bearing, it does not come completely off the chair, but the chair becomes un-wheelable and un-pushable, the chair lists heavily to the side, as does Pearlsky, and it takes two people to fix.

Remember, in this state it is ILLEGAL for me to pay the company for a part for the wheelchair. I CANNOT LEGALLY buy parts, they MUST go through insurance, that automatically adds weeks, but typically not months.

Today I wrote an email to the manager of the regional office of the DME, National Seating and Mobility, to the Chief Operating Officer of National Seating and Mobility, and to the Director of National Accounts at Sunrise Medical (the manufacturer of the Quickie wheelchair). This is NOT the first email the first two have seen. The previous email, concerning the fourth time the wheel fell off, was sent over two weeks ago. It is the first time I am getting the manufacturer involved.

To be fair, after four times, the DME did say:

Unless you are with Pearlsky all day there could be a situation that she gets into that causes the release. Will have them added to the current work order.

I don’t really understand the first sentence and I know nothing of the “current work order.” The “them” being the proper parts for repair. That email (remember, this started over three months ago) was sent to me 17 days ago, and I have heard nothing since.

And here is email number five on this topic …

It has been months and still no lateral or headrest covers, I sort of get that.

The right wheel on Pearlsky’s wheelchair CAME OFF AGAIN TODAY. This time I twisted my ankle when it happened as the chair jerked unexpectedly. I am a bit sore but okay.

How long do I have to go with a wheelchair WHERE THE WHEEL CONTINUALLY COMES OFF? It has been months that I am reporting this. Does this not constitute something “important”?


I know it is illegal in this state for me to buy the parts from you, but can you give me the part numbers that I need and I will order them myself?


Can you PLEASE fix Pearlsky’s wheelchair so the wheel does not fall off?

Where the hell is my RV?


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