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When I put a non-sequitur at the end of a post, that turns out to be what everyone comments on. So, today’s is in the beginning (can you start something with a non-sequitur?) I spent 12 days this month bed-ridden, completely dependent on others. Learned a lot about life, people, and being disabled. And a lot about Pearlsky. Yes, even she came through for me. More another time. I am up and about now, at about the speed of a 95 year old, but moving.

OK, “gotta haves.” Those things that should be on infomercials that you would actually buy. Cool stuff for parents and people like us!

(Full disclosure: This first item, not only do I have NOTHING to do with the manufacturer or the seller, they don’t even like me.) Every six months or so for about 5 years I searched the internet for a device to help my parents remember all their pills through the day. Since dad’s stroke, the two of them have needs as complex as Pearlsky’s. Finally, a few months ago I found the (almost) perfect device, it really is. I give the design an A- (being a professor of engineering design, trust me, that’s good). The original problem was that the ad copy, and the device documentation, well, got an F. If you buy one of these things, and if you buy it from the manufacturer, do not mention me … they will double the price. Not sure why they hate me, I simply explained that their documentation appeared to be written by a third grader who never used the device (and I fully documented all the typographical, typological, and factual errors). BUT, they then redid the documentation and the ad copy on the box, and you know what? UP to a B+. So, if you have issues with multiple medicine times, or other scheduled events, this is what you need, today. I have bought several for those I love. You can get it for around $30 on Amazon … an alarm clock that uses YOUR voice (if you want), up to six alarms a day, tells you if the alarm was missed, etc. Super cool for babysitters, nanny’s, bedridden father’s, etc.


It can be a part of an entire pill dispensing system or used stand alone, as I do. They also have a slightly less expensive unit with only four alarms and you cannot use your voice. The thing works great, and it will keep bugging you until you give the med, or the feeding or whatever (you hit the button when you did the deed to shut it up). I think there are a couple of minor re-designs they should do to make it super ideal, but after the document comments, well, they don’t respond to my emails anymore. So, go buy one, and I’ll tell you what to recommend they change, if you don’t come up with it yourself!

Ok, “gotta have” number two, and again in full disclosure, I have no connection to the company at all. Pearlsky has long beautiful hair. It is the god’s way of cursing me … you see, in my younger days I had a thing for long beautiful hair (and at one point, that included mine, but I digress). I never understood “No, I can’t go out tonight, I have to do my hair,” well now I understand. The washing, drying, combing, etc. But we do it. It is not easy to do as often as needed, she pulls her hair into her mouth sometimes, it gets dirty with life, etc. and baths with hair washing sometimes are a bit too far between. With me totally bedridden for two weeks, well, we needed a solution. So, here is “gotta have” number two (shown on Pearlsky with one of our magnificent ex-nanny-current-wonderful-friend-all-around-great-lady who found this solution).

shampoocapa_and_hSuper cool. You open up the bag and there is a funky 1960’s shower cap in there. Remove it, the inside is slightly damp and you microwave it for 10 seconds (or, as they say, up to 15). Slip it on your beloved’s dry hair, not in the bath or shower but in the living room while watching Sponge Bob or CSI, and massage! Now their instructions leave a bit to be desired (hmmmm, maybe it’s me) …

Massage hair through shampoo cap until hair feels saturated (approx., 1-2 minutes …)

So if I am massaging the cap which is plastic, how will I know when the hair feels … anything? I only feel dry plastic. Must be that same third grader … but anyway … it worked! This is a way of washing someone’s hair WITHOUT water, and it is clean, easy, and works. You put the cap on, massage for a couple of minutes, remove the cap, towel off their hair (it does get wet / very damp), comb or brush, and you are done! The hair smells clean (not chemical smell or anything), looks clean, and in ten minutes she is ready for a date! As good as a regular shower/bath hair washing? No, but it definitely works. Turns out to be used very often in the hospitals around here.

And the price? These guys are selling them for $1.26 each. I removed that link, they were falsely advertising a price on Amazon. The caps are typically under $4.00 each.

Finally, “gotta have” number three. Full disclosure: I am in touch with the manufacturer and now my best friend is selling these.

I’ve been looking for the ideal drink holder for Pearlsky’s wheelchair for years. For her drink or mine! Something that will stand up to the bumps, tilts, swings, shakes, bounces up curbs and stairs, etc. One that will hold anything from a can of pediasure to a water bottle, to my cell phone, to a small gps, etc. Why not? And a good color, too. If you remember, I even told Sunmed they should give one with every wheelchair (instead of their lame backpack).

I found it. I love it. And, my friend is selling them at the lowest price on the internet (the price includes “free” shipping). A size adjustable (width and length), somewhat insulated, double gimbled cup holder with four ways of attaching to ANYTHING! A clamp that will fit any part of the wheelchair / walker / bicycle, a velcro strap for larger or odd shaped tubes or stuff, a clip so it can clip on a backpack or golf bag, and a plate that either suction cups to a window or shower tile, or can be screwed to anything! And comes in some funky colors to boot.

previewThis picture does not show the hot pink version, which, believe me, is hot pink. It does show some versions with the wheelchair/bicycle clamp (blue and red), the bag clip (white), and the suction cup / screw on plate (green). Each color comes with all four accessories (the velcro clamp is not shown).

The web site has two names … either one works.

Watch the videos, look at the changing pictures, and order a dozen or two. Or not. The web sites have not been advertised yet, so your feedback is more than welcome.


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