“He braw was a bit dirty so she just has a T Shirt.” ~miscreant aide

The email sent to the superintendent of school’s office …

As I did last year, I want to document a summary of the summer program that my daughter attended while it is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

The nurse that was with my daughter’s group actually worked closely with my daughter and got to know her well. She has worked at the camp for over 15 years. My daughter’s second 1 on 1 aide was also good and seems to have gotten to know her as well. I asked them both the following question …

“Specifically, what activities other than swimming and waterfront were full appropriate for my daughter and she could do? Any without modification?”

“Arts + Crafts – no
Adapted Activities – yes – … usually seemed to enjoy these
Interactive Tec – not much
Scrapbook – no
outdoor ed – yes
Table games – no
music – yes ”
Horses, barn – no

Again, this summer, at least 50% of the activities, other than swimming and the waterfront, were inappropriate and were not modified for her. The aide was allowed to take her to the waterfront or pool at any time and did when it was possible, but this was not everyday, nor as often as would be desired. This was hindered by the fact that my daughter needed to be in the general vicinity of the rest of the group due to the fact that there is one nurse covering her group. The director was excellent in this regard, allowing the modifications as needed and possible by my daughter’s aide.

As opposed to last year, she did start receiving OT and PT on time, although I do question why they both occurred simultaneously and wonder how that was billed and how it worked. I asked my daughter’s physiatrist about that and he felt it was probably not the best way, but we had no facts.

It is unfortunate that her first aide was a miscreant, and while I take a small amount of responsibility for that, and I am thankful that, with a bit of pushing by my daughter’s mom via phone calls from Europe, the aide was replaced with a more appropriate young lady.

I don’t know many parents who send their children to day camp knowing that over 50% of the activities are completely inappropriate. Does that make me a bad parent?


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