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If you are not following Kelly and Christopher in their latest adventure, you are missing a blog of an amazing woman and her severely disabled son. You need to read the last handful of posts concerning looking for / placing Chris in a residence. Trust me.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is some lady from Australia trolling “our” blogs trying to solicit stories for some book. She is looking for stories about the moment you were told your kid was f–ked up and your life is ruined. Several of my red flags have been raised in how she is going about it, what her blog says (or does not), and just in general, it does not feel right to me. Beware. Probably a social worker. But then, what do I know? I’d write a book if I were a better writer.

The head nurse in the school district is trying to stop Pearlsky from having a nurse-aide during the school year like she has this summer. The district just got a note from one of her doctors explaining how and why the nurse is to be continued. Funny, the wording and writing of the letter is really really good, if I may say so. I love Pearlsky’s doctors. And they love her, at least.

I learned that when one has a miscarriage, there is absolutely, positively nothing anyone can say to make you feel better. Period. I think the same thing is true after you kid’s first grand mal seizure, especially when it comes in the fog of night. Go read what Erika has to say about the experience.

Books? Whips? Severely disabled kids? I don’t get it.

I am traveling this week (how can it really be 110 degrees there?) on very short notice. The big deal thing that I pitched to the big deal semiconductor house has come through. On five days notice, I need to go to headquarters for an incredibly packed two days of meetings. This is absolutely the best and most exciting professional thing to happen for me in a dozen years, I am incredibly psyched. It is what will have me doing a lot of travel this year.

With the short notice, I am concerned about Pearlsky. I had to scramble to get coverage, including some time slots with the very new part-time nanny, the first overnight with someone who has not done such for a long time, etc. It will be ok, lots of phone numbers around, etc. But so much going on at once.

This is all I know:

I have meetings and rooms setup from 10:30- to around 4 on Tuesday with the XYZ team, ABC Branding and Naming, Website and Social Media, the lead generation team, and the Titan team (who are funding this). A few are meet and greet, while others will be working sessions. I have rooms allocated from 8AM to 6PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we can sit down and work through the site content when we’re not meeting with these people.

Wish me luck. Pearlsky too, please. And somewhat different wishes for the evil head nurse.


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