“How can anybody hate nurses? Nobody hates nurses. The only time you hate a nurse is when they’re giving you an enema.” ~Warren Beatty

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. It’s been a rough ride the last few weeks with non-Pearlsky stuff.

We are now getting close to a year with the state’s investigation into the head nurse for the school district. At least they did not deny my complaints out of hand, but this is gettingĀ ridiculous. I know she is on pins and needles, she rants about me to others, and no matter what the outcome, you would think she would do what she can to keep me at bay, no? Hold that thought.

For the summer, theĀ AssistantĀ Superintendent for Student Services and the High School Special Ed Coordinator (and part time totally incredible woman) hired a young nurse to be Pearlsky’s one-on-one aide. No more missing field trips or any of the other shit the head nurse caused last summer. The nurse is a fantastic young lady, 25 years-old or so, and very excited to work with Pearlsky. When they come home after a field trip she is always so excited how it went, talking to Pearlsky and telling me all about it. I keep thinking of her as Pearlsky’s older sister! She really is great in all respects.

The SPED Coordinator and I agreed that we should continue this through the school year. The Assistant Superintendent had said in the past this would not be a problem. And then it happened … yes … the Assistant Superintendent retired this summer. And the head nurse, of course, got to the new one as quickly as possible. We know from such quotes as “We don’t feed the disabled” when asked why she does not allow the nurses to give Pearlsky her live saving amino acid, that Pearlsky’s best interest is not exactly on top of her list. It appears that she is trying to prevent Pearlsky from having the nurse-aide for the school year. Seeing that it is only a small part from her budget, the only reason can possibly be evil. Which she is. And I have never said that about anyone else I have ever personally known.

That’s ok. By the end of the week there will be two, if not three, notes from Big City Hospital physicians insisting on the continuation of the nurse-aide. Gotta love the doctors who love Pearlsky and Single Dad, no?

Hey, guess what Pearlsky and I did several times this weekend:


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