How did you notice?

I am her primary caretaker. I dress her everyday of her life. I bathe her, I feed her.

So I call her primary doctor and explain that my daughter has a couple of lesions in her “private” area. The doctor has known me and my daughter for years, she is a wonderful doctor at a major hospital.

Bring her into the clinic today, I don’t want this to wait. I won’t be there but my colleague will be and she is great.

We go. We are brought into the room to wait. A resident comes in. I almost always refuse to see a resident alone because, well, in general, they are useless. But that is another post.

This young female resident sits and asks my relationship to my daughter. I explain I am her father and sole (soul?) caretaker.

So how did you notice these labial lesions?

Excuse me?

How did you notice these lesions?

She said it while staring intently at me. It was obvious what this young puke was asking.

With my eyes.

Still trying to stare me down …

I’ll ask again, how did you notice these lesions?

With my eyes. Now leave this room and do not return without a doctor.

She mentioned her concerns to the doctor. Luckily, these doctors had known me and my daughter for 14 years and my caretaking is not a question.

I was assured that the resident was taken care of. And this is a mandated reporter.

Bill almost got it right … “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” – (Shakespeare, Henry VI, Act IV, Scene II).


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