How I love quickies …

You know, those forty-five minutes of intense passion … wait, I digress. Not those quickies, just a quick post. (Two in one day, Single Dad must be feverish).

Funny and poignant

Yesterday, Napoleon left the following comment on an old post which was about an incident with me and a social worker:

When my daughter got sick there was this Social worker who was always trying to corner me and my wife to get an “understanding” of how we were holding up. We ducked and dodged her successfully for months. Then one day I was visiting with my Daughter in ICU and she was telling me of her day and her plans for when she finally got out of here and I needed to make a “Bio-Break” as my Daughter called them. She knew Daddy needed to cry. But that Social worker was there waiting. She took me into this little room not much bigger than a closet. And asked “How was I feeling?” I told her I was mad as Hell and wanted to hurt someone. To make them bleed from there mouth and ears. The look on her face when she realized she was in this small ass room alone with an angry, 300 pound Black man was PRICELESS ! I laughed so hard I did almost make Bio-spill right there. I got back to my Daughter and shared this with her and we laughed together so hard the nurse came in to see what was up. We shared with her and soon it was around the hospital. We never saw this woman again. Not through all the procedures, meds, long sleepless nights, day after day of seing the same walls in ICU. Until the day Angela lost her battle. I was standing at the end of the bed watching my Daughter trying to hold on to whatever sanity I had when there was a small hand in mine. Looked over and there she was the Social Worker. No words, just tears and a hug. I guess she knew me better than I thought.

Stay Strong Single Dad !


Also yesterday, within a ten minute span there were readers on the blog from “Dod Network Information Center” (United States Department of Defense), the Department Of National Defence [sic] (Canada), and the Wyoming Higher Education Computer Network (in Cheyenne) (and we all know they are cover for Cheyenne Mountain).

And, separately, some of the search terms used on Google to find this blog were “First of all, I’m very appreciate your helps and care on my daughter,” “f**k me and daughter,” “I f**k my own daughter.” They landed here, here, and here, respectively. I find that so abhorrent, I could not bring myself to write out the words!

Prayers needed (or thoughts, sayings, hymms, entrails of a pidgeon on the front lawn at dawn, whatever works)

Claire of Life with a Severely Disabled Child is on the second day of an in-the-hospital-with-your-kid-not-doing-great thing going on. Looks like Sophie will need surgery on both ends of her shunt. That is all I know, other than we have all been there at some point, and will be again. Think good thoughts.


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