“I know only fools have needs but this one never begs” ~The Who

Is she better?

I’ve had a really really tough day. And I will warn you, this post uses the f-word. A lot. And if you object, well, fuck you.

How did I know there was something wrong? Multiple UTI’s, intermittent pain, some fever spikes, blood in her urine.

She’s been on Cipro for five doses. She has diarrhea (duh). That can cause cramps, pain, and/or discomfort. She is ovulating, and the loser that I am, I have not tracked if this is the month she has mittelschmerz or not. Fever spikes are just that, short term spikes in her temperature. I only know if she is having one if I happen to catch the moment.

Is she feeling better? Fuck you. How on earth would I know? You ask her.

Does she have intermittent pain? Yes, maybe it is pain when she urinates and thus, no she is not better. Maybe it is cramps from the diarrhea, so that doesn’t mean shit. Maybe it is mittelschmerz, I cannot┬áconceive. You happy?

Is she spiking fevers? Yeah, I keep a thermometer up her under her arm at all times and just stare at it, fuck you. I don’t know.

Is her urine still bloody? It was yesterday. The diarrhea sort of hides it now.

Is she acting normal? Yes, absolutely normal. She walks and talks now. And you know what she says? “Fuck you.” Appropriate, I say.

So her mom calls. “Is she any better?” “I don’t know” I tell her. I’d tell her to come and check herself, but she hasn’t seen her in about a month or more, like she would know … “Well I’m gonna call the urologist.”

She speaks to some urologist on call. Someone who does not know the story, no clue who Pearlsky is, no clue about her issues. But he says “Well, if she is not better, bring her to the emergency room.”

To do what? Just to cover your ass? Fuck you. What is the point? She may or may not have a fever at that moment. They have a viable clean culture, they know what the bacteria is, they will not do another cath since it is too soon. There is nothing for them to do.

I page one of the two goddess doctors. We discuss it. I ask …

What does “feeling better” mean?

Only you will know that.

Yeah, thanks.

Is she?

Fuck you.

So, you tell me, if her reflux is active again, and she gets the B-Strep in her kidney, is it as bad as I think?


Fuck you.

Can you possibly think of anything the emergency room will do that I am not doing?

No. I’d just watch her, and if you’re still home in the morning, page me again.

Better? Better? Better, you better, you bet! By The Who. And I think they’re on first. And me? I’m on third (a handful of B-Strep if you explain those references …)

By the way, the title of this post is a line in the song.

Oh, and if you want to tell me about yogurt, probiotic, and all that stuff … well, you know.


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