I wish I were dead

I’ve discussed here how Pearlsky likes to put her fingers in her mouth. And I’ve discussed the horrible lengths to which the school personnel will try to stop her from doing this. I truly think it is insane to try to stop Pearlsky from doing what appears to be the one thing she can control, she can repeatedly do, and seemingly brings her pleasure. They do this by putting things on her hand or trying to stop her hand from going to her mouth, anything to stop what they believe to be inappropriate oral stimulation.

Well, how about this. What if Pearlsky is trying to get tactile stimulation for her fingers? What if it is nothing about her mouth, which they are concentrating on, but simply offering other tactile finger stimulation would work? Why can’t they think of these things?

Later this week we need to be in big city hospital number 2, at eight in the morning. First for a botulism toxin injection (ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!) and then for several appointments. One with Dr. Chief of Pediatric Department 1, then one with Dr. Chief of Pediatric Department 2, then with Mr. World Famous Guy Who Deals With This Stuff And Just Returned From Giving Lectures In Germany And France, and, of course, a meeting with all of them together. Yes, the stuff I ain’t talking about nor dealing with. Just yet. The appointments and the day loom.

Time for a coffee break.


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