I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I though it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again.

I really feel bad when I have a lot of posts about not great things and nothing cheery. This blog is designed to be about me and Pearlsky, our life. That part of my life is often tough. I do have fun at time, I have “a life,” but let’s face it, a child such as Pearlsky can be all consuming as well.

Many things have happened since the summer “Extended School Year” program started. Usual non-sense for the most part. For example …

They were not able to feed Pearlsky and finally asked me to come in and give a demonstration. When I got there, they had a sandwich for her, that is fine, it was sliced turkey breast on white bread. Boring but ok. But, they had chopped it up into tiny pieces, about the size of cooked grains of rice, and were feeding her with a spoon.

Is that how you eat a sandwich?

They looked at me. I sat down, I took a piece of turkey about the size of a quarter, popped it into Pearlsky’s mouth and … you ready for this? … she ate it! Just chewed and swallowed. They all looked like I pulled a rabbit out of her ear or something. Then I took a piece of bread and turkey about the same size, and, voila! I popped it in her mouth, and she ate it!

No clue. They never asked. They just assumed. Ugh.

But there is more. And some ugliness. There is a reason for the last post and a reason that I am not writing everyday with ESY stories.

This is true (as the blog always is) and very difficult. And I will not go into many specifics now, why will be obvious. As will the title of the post.

Pearlsky came home last Monday from ESY and the teacher on the van said he did not know why her left eye was red, irritated, and closed. I looked at it and decided to watch it. He also mentioned that in the afternoon she was quieter than usual and seemed to have shut down. That is something I don’t see very often, her reaction to events or people, but it is rare.

A bit later I found that she was not clothed the way I sent her to school, and everyone denies having done it. Then I found other stuff that was not right.

I kept her home telling the school district I did not feel she was safe. After a long discussion and very specific rules, I did send her back. After other information, the school “self-reported” to the state …

A state investigator for adult and disabled protective services has been around. The focus is totally and completely on actions at the school. I spent an hour and a half with the Superintendent and others, then another hour and a half with the investigator. Now I am waiting for a call to tell me if the attorney general’s office will start a criminal investigation.

I jump every time the phone rings. I jump at every knock on the door. I cringe at every word I write. I die every time I think of it.

Pearlsky is physically fine as far as we can tell. Mentally, we will never know, but she is currently acting herself. Her father will never be the same. As the previous post says … then you have nothing.

If I only had that RV …

No comments on this post. I will backfill when this all goes away. A lot you need to understand before you can question anything.