Idiots Expound Profusely (I.E.P.)

Have I ever mentioned that I hate idiots?

The moment you combine the concept of “communication,” when dealing with Pearlsky, who, according to you, has none, the moment you mention her “intent” or “intention” you expose your inner self, that of a complete moron, or, at least a person who should not be working with this population.

From Merriam-Webster:

in·tent noun \in-ˈtent\

Definition of INTENT

1 a : the act or fact of intending : purpose; especially : the design or purpose to commit a wrongful or criminal act <admitted wounding him with intent>
b : the state of mind with which an act is done : volition

2 : a usually clearly formulated or planned intention : aim <the director’s intent>

Fairly clear, fairly simple word.

I am sitting at a table with six intelligent, educated, trained professionals. And Pearlsky’s mother. The topic of communication comes up and I am told that Pearlsky …

shows her intent by hitting a switch properly 70% of the time.

Wow. Ummm, wait. How do you know? HOW DO YOU KNOW HER INTENT? The moment you tell me that she is showing her “intent” you better be darn well prepared to tell me how you know her intent. And no, you cannot know her intent by her showing her intent by hitting the switch. That’s insane. Simple question, how do you know her intent?

If you cannot prove that she hits the switch only when she wants to, intentionally, purposely, then any hitting of the switch is meaningless. It could be random, can you prove it is not?

What if you ask her 100 times to hit the switch and she hits it 70% of the time? What does that tell you? NOTHING. If she hits it 100% of the time, and never any other time, then you can make ASSUMPTIONS that it is intentional.

Then I get pissed. Actually, a lot led up to this, the meeting was a farce, but then I said …

You are all familiar with one thing that Pearlsky does, intentionally as far as we all know, that she will stop doing on strong request so we know she can control it. Why don’t you use that as a stepping stone to communication. You have been trying switches for 15 years, maybe it’s time to be creative, no? But you won’t do it.

They look at me like I am crazy. No one can think of what I am talking about. (see here or here or other posts you may remember)

You have all told me that she sucks on her fingers for comfort or tactile stimulation or for some unknown reason. You have also all told me that you can talk her out of doing it. Hence, everyone in this room believes that Pearlsky can intentionally put her fingers in her mouth, and intentionally remove them. Ummm, hello? A vehicle for communication?

Le Duh.

Then a voice from the other side of the table …

But that’s disgusting.

Good priorities, idiot.

Two more IEPs and I am done. Forever. Frankly my dear, I don’t care much about them anymore.


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