“If you would have a faithful servant, and one that you like, serve yourself.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Moving on with the guardianship … remember that the day she turns 18, without my having legal guardianship, no one can tell me anything about Pearlsky medically, at school, etc. No exceptions, that’s the law. Uggh.

Today I received from the court the “Citation Giving Notice Of Petition For Appointment of Guardian For Incapacitated Person.” Sounds scary. Can you guess what I need to do with it?

It is ORDERED that a copy of this citation be:

Served, with a copy of the petition, in hand to PEARLSKY by a disinterested person at least Fourteen days prior to September 22, 2010.

This gives the servee, the incapacitated person, two weeks to get a lawyer to fight the petition for guardianship.

Yep, I need to have someone “serve” Pearlsky with this paper, a “disinterested” someone. Granted, these are legal words, I will have the nanny do it, and there is an affidavit she will then need to sign for the court that she served it.

On one hand I want to scream “what a crock of carp” this is, and frankly, it is. But then, where do they draw the line? You need to serve the paper to the person, especially if they will understand it. So then going from someone who will understand it and be able to react to it “down” to Pearlsky, where do you draw the line and not require serving it? So, they serve it, no matter what.

Back in college I was a bouncer for a while at a popular hole-in-the-wall across the street from the ball park. I had the reputation of carding everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. I would have carded Ghandi. It did not matter what you looked like, how old you appeared, etc., you got carded.

Hence, Pearlsky gets served. I ain’t fighting the judge. At least not on September 22.


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