I’ll have the steak …

So last night I but her in bed at 9:00, just about the same time as always. Bathed, fed, meds, cute pj’s, the whole deal.

Ten thirty I put myself to bed.

Eleven she wakes up. I go in and re-position her, the usual trick and go back to bed. She’s still up. And getting cranky.

I re-position again, go back to bed, listening. She starts winding up (not a good thing) getting cranky and aggravated. I go back, check the diaper (clean), reposition, talk softly, beg, and go back to my bed.

She works her self up, getting close to a seizure, so I give her her valium. That should cut any neurological issue. Should also knock her out. Nothing, nada, still cranked.

A while later, knowing that valium won’t cut pain, I give her a full dose of Advil. I reposition her. I beg. I go back to bed and listen.

Two thirty. Still cranked. Nothing is working. I am dizzy.

I find the strength, put her in her wheelchair, bring her in the other room and offer her pediasure. She gulps 24 ounces, and incredibly filling amount.

Back in bed … she is sound asleep at 3:15. Finally.

What I wouldn’t give for a simple “yes” or “no.”


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